On July 4, GTHS held a special recruitment fair on the company's 19th floor and the human resources market in Zhangjiagang. The job fair was divided into two sessions in the morning and afternoon. Through the promotion and cooperation of the company's employees and the human resources market in Zhangjiagang, a total of 119 candidates arrived at the site to participate in the event. The job fair achieved good results.

At the recruitment site, the managers and department managers of each branch of GTHS inspected the applicant’s comprehensive ability and job matching degree in various ways. Besides, the managers answered the questions raised by the applicant in detail. The final test was controlled by the company's main leaders and the director of human resources department, and finally 38 candidates were selected from all of the candidates to enter person-post matching assessment. This job fair has accumulated talents for the company's local development in Zhangjiagang and laid a good foundation for the company's image promotion.