On June 30th, the General Branch of the Communist Party of GTHS held a conference in the large meeting room on 19th floor. A total of 125 party members attended the meeting.

There were 3 items on the agenda of the meeting. In the first agenda, the secretary of general Party branch Jin Zhijiang delivered a report on the work of the last General Party branch. He not only affirmed the past achievements of the party branch, but also pointed out the shortcomings, and suggested the direction for future efforts. The second agenda was to elect new Party General Branch Committee of GTHS. Jin Zhijiang, Zhu Ronghua, Xu Yan, Gu Huafeng and Shen Yulan were elected as members of the new General Branch of the Party in a plenary vote. In the third agenda, GTHS invited the medical team of Zhangjiagang First People’s Hospital to make a report on the fight against COVID-19 epidemic in HuBei Province. The director of emergency department Li Lei, the head nurse of ICU Xia Caifen, and communist representatives all shared their true stories via photos and videos. Their experiences of fighting on the front line were much more difficult than our imagination. All party members were deeply moved by their stories. They showed much respect to the heroes, and expressed their determination to learn the spirit of hard struggle against the epidemic and to be excellent Party members.