On the afternoon of April 20th, GTHS held the first quarter business seminar in the conference room. In this seminar, the financial manager reported the company's business data from January to March. The Supervision and Audit Department explained the overdue situation and credit risk points. The General Manager Zhu Ronghua also reported and summarized the sales condition in the first quarter.

This meeting mainly discussed the company's business development and main work under the assumption that the epidemic would last for a long time. The main responsible people of various branches and heads of functional departments put forward their ideas based on the actual situation of the business, and conducted full discussion to provide suggestions for the company's future development.

Chairman Jin Zhijiang fully affirmed everyone's thinking and speech on this issue, and proposed that GTHS should start from this epidemic, firmly establish a sense of crisis, create an atmosphere of innovation, and steadily promote the company's healthy and long-term development