In order to strengthen the prevention and control of COVID-19, ensure the health and safety of the staff and their families, and maintain regular working and production order, GTHS strictly follows the work requirements of the central, provincial and municipal governments related to the prevention and control of COVID-19, actively cooperates with relevant departments to carry out epidemic prevention and control, and firmly maintains its defense against the epidemic.

On February 16, GTHS organized a meeting to discuss the measures for epidemic prevention and the detailed rules for the resumption of work in batches. The leading group for epidemic prevention led by the Chairman Jin Zhijiang, the General Manager Zhu Ronghua, major heads of business departments and functional departments all attended the meeting. In accordance with the spirit of the meeting, the leading group for epidemic prevention comprehensively deployed its work and carried out prevention and protection publicity to the staff, such as office environment disinfection, epidemic prevention materials procurement, etc., ensuring that epidemic prevention and resumption of work are carried out simultaneously. The company has officially resumed work in batches since February 24.