On January 13, the 2019 Summary of GTHS and 2020 Statement of Economic Responsibility Signing Conference was held at the Marriott Bonvoy. Six from the group including Chairman Zhang Ziyan, President Chen Xiaodong, Executive President Tan Qiubin were invited. GTHS's Chairman Jin Zhijiang, the General Manager Zhu Ronghua and all employees attended the meeting.

For the first agenda of the meeting, Zhu Ronghua, the company’s General Manager, made a comprehensive summary of the work in 2019 from various aspects like system construction, risk management and control, branch and talent construction, customer construction, owned entity and supplier construction, product and design research and development, overseas production and institutional construction, internal management, party building and humanistic care, etc.

For the second agenda, Jin Zhijiang, the company’s Chairman, announced the appointment of middle-level managers and made significant arrangements for the company’s goals and tasks in 2020. Subsequently, General Manager Zhu Ronghua signed the "Statement of 2020 Economic Responsibility" with each branch.

For the third agenda, ten outstanding staff representatives from various departments and positions made high-quality exchange speeches to the conference.

At the end of the conference, the Group Chairman Zhang Ziyan delivered an important speech, expressing his ardent expectations for the future development of Huasheng, inspiring all employees to strengthen their beliefs, striving for strength, and jointly promoting the company's development to a higher level.